Once Upon a Nervous Breakdown
“Hilarious…” New York Post

"Humorous and poignant.  The writing is brisk, and the emotional undertones treat nicely the ups and downs of life, love, children, and aging parents.” Publishers Weekly

​“This Nervous Breakdown is actually an uplifting breakthrough for anyone who reads it!!  The first page alone will make you clench your heart in agony, yet giggle at the same time.  Yes, a five-hankie/triple giggle page turner indeed!!!”  Kathy Cano Murillo, Syndicated Columnist and Author of Crafty Chica's Art de La Soul

​“Did a man actually write this novel?  Patrick Sanchez has an amazing ability to get inside the head of women.  His female characters are so real—they feel just like my friends…except much more interesting.” Cindy Rodriguez, Denver Post Columnist

“By turns bittersweet, insightful and naughtily funny, Once Upon A Nervous Break Down perfectly captures one woman's struggle as she tries to cope with the highs and lows of life as a daughter, mother, ex-wife, friend, and career woman.” Margo Candela, Author of Underneath It All

“With deft strokes of humor and subtle tugs on the heartstrings, Patrick Sanchez delivers an engaging story about a woman dealing with an assortment of mid-life dilemmas.”  Caridad Pineiro, Author of South Beach Chicas Catch Their Man

Once Upon A Nervous Breakdown illuminates the sometimes humorous and sometimes challenging daily struggles of the every-woman—she who juggles living life in the career fast lane while rearing a child and caring for a sick elderly parent at the same time.  Patrick Sanchez pays a positive tribute to today's thirty-something working moms in his latest literary touchdown.” Johnny Diaz, Author of Boston Boys Club

"Patrick Sanchez scores a huge home run with Once Upon A Nervous Breakdown.  This is great reading, full of heart and wonderful characters women can relate to.  Loved it!” Susan Reinhardt, Author of Not Tonight Honey Wait 'Til I'm a Size Six.

Once Upon a Nervous Breakdown reels you in with a vivid picture of thirty-something life—fun, frenzied, and feverishly juggling love, family, friends, and career.  Patrick Sanchez is a great storyteller who, once again, has created a world of witty, smart, and identifiable women who jump off the page.” Frederick Smith, Author of Down for Whatever 

Once Upon A Nervous Breakdown is absorbing and fun, with characters as distinctive and realistic as they come.  Patrick Sanchez has written a phenomenal story that will not only make you laugh out loud, but also touch the deepest parts of your heart and soul.”  Kelley St. John, Author of Real Women Don’t Wear Size 2 

“In his delightfully catty, fast-paced new novel, Tight, Patrick Sanchez explores our culture's obsession with cosmetic surgery, and proves, without a doubt, that he is the top male writer in the American chick-lit genre—and one of the best writers in the genre, period.  With zippy prose and fabulous dialogue, Patrick tells the stories of  realistic, endearingly flawed characters. A wonderful read! I loved it.”  Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Dirty Girls Social Club

A Latina Style Magazine “Rave Review” and a Latina Magazine “Must Read Beach Book

”“A frank comedy of manners that exposes both the highs and lows of the modern quest for youth and beauty.”  Kirkus Reviews

​“A detailed commentary on the country's love affair with Botox and boob jobs.”  Publishers Weekly

Tight puts marriage, addiction and vanity under the microscope -- and under the knife, giving readers a real look at the best and the worst of life.  Touching, witty and irreverent.”  Jennifer Coburn, Author of The Wife of Reilly 

The Way It Is
“Lots of drama….truly hilarious…a fast enjoyable read that readers will devour!” Romantic Times Magazine

“A witty tale about single women searching for friendship, unconditional love, and the perfect dessert.” Booklist

The Way It Is is…outrageous!  You'll laugh, cry, and possibly throw a few things while reading this book.  Don't miss it!” Dangerously Curvy Novels.com“

Any woman who has ever measured her self worth according to her weight should read this book—then hurl her scale out the window!  Poignant, inspiring, and laugh out loud funny, Patrick Sanchez’s The Way It Is will leave you cheering.” Deirdre Martin, Author of Body Check

“A heavy dose of fun!” Southern Maryland Weekend

"Sweet and funny.  The Way It Is is a good-time book for girlfriends of all sizes!” Leslie Stella, Author of The Easy Hour

“Taking his cue from Candace Bushnell (Sex and the City) and Helen Fielding (of Bridget Jones fame), Sanchez's style is light and entertaining…the novel may leave readers wondering whether a TV series is in the works.”  Publisher’s Weekly

“Girlfriends is a very funny book…” Lambda Book Report

“Grab your girlfriends and read Girlfriends…!”  Rita Mae Brown, author of Ruby Fruit Jungle and Venus Envy

“Imagine Friends without the Prozac, as likely to have a group bitch as a group hug, and living in Washington D.C., and you’ll have some idea of where Patrick Sanchez is coming from in Girlfriends.  Wickedly funny and blisteringly vengeful…”  Stephen Stark, author of The Outskirts and Second Son, a New York Times Notable Book

Valley of the Dolls meets Bridget Jones’s Diary via Three Coins in the Fountain.”  Michael Musto, Village Voice

​“If Armistead Maupin and Terry McMillan collaborated on a novel, Girlfriends would be the result…It is a fast, funny, and surprisingly moving romp through the urban singles scene…Patrick Sanchez has written a wildly entertaining first novel.”  Todd D. Brown, author of Entrees from a Hot Pink Notebook

“What a great thrill ride of a book for all the girls.  Immensely readable – you’ll pass this one around.”  Suzanne Westenhoefer, HBO Comedy Star